Chairman Of MES, Nawada




If we talk to any one how a person can make his life comfortable, general answer from the corner of intellectuals is through better education, skill and intellect. though Education comes from different directions as intense outflow of river water. Even human experience is alos a better teacher that teaches us broot reality of life. 
In quest of better intellect, skill and ecuation, our view should be very clear and frank that almost all the parts of human life - piritual, worldly, concious, subconscious and even unconcious should be addressed. We find that the common education flowing from the portals of school, plays vital role as regards the aforesaid.
In keeping with the same fact 'Modern English School, Kunti Nagar, Nawada' is stepping forward to establish the superb quality of formal school education. We have attempted before and even presently, we are attempting to provide better schooling to students in the most backward district of Bihar, Nawada. 
Students coming from economically retarded family find it difficult to cope up with the adverse condition of costly schooling education. To address their long standing demands our school is providing the best at the lowest. 
Now we have the mission to upgrade our school to the level where effective, superb and students quenching (+2) level formal schooling education that make convert students into best human being and able citizens could be made reachable to them. We want our students to be competent enough compted and qualify Medical, IIT & other entrance examination during their first attempt.


      With thanks

                                                                                                                                  Chairman of MES